Thursday, October 04, 2007

Closet Challenge

Megan was at the WEN Luncheon last February when during my commercial I mentioned a survey from IKEA (original post):

31% of their customers were more satisfied
after cleaning out their closets than they were with sex.

She has been anxiously awaiting my help with a closet in her home.

My challenge: A Utility Closet

Items stacked on the floor,
Brooms and mops leaning against a wall,
A single, small shelf with a hanging rod,
And a coat rack for her kids.

After meeting with Megan, we decided to remove the small shelf and rod.
Then install (4) "L" shaped shelves, a new utility rack, and (3) coat/hat racks.

Megan loved the finished project!!

I had some extra time so I helped hang some other hooks and racks around her home. We had a wonderful lunch and chat about life.
I left feeling happy and energized.

I really don't see how getting organized is better than sex.
Perhaps I should just stop down this path.

..... Anyway, The project was successful.

What is the most interesting statistic you've heard?

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