Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brain Dump

Ever just feel not in a workin' mood?
It's been awhile since I have published some random thoughts. Let's see what comes out of my cute little head.

1. OK, how many days until summer returns?

2. Happiness can be found in a piece of chocolate.

3. My desk is getting messy. Really my whole office.
(see ... it does happen to us organized people)

4. Last week Matthew's pants fit him.
Today, they are all short.

5. I still haven't seen a cartoon that can match Hong Kong Phooey.

6. We bought a hot tub!!
My boys and I can't wait.

7. I have met some amazing business women this week.
Thank you WEN.

8. Purdue 33 vs. University Michigan 24.
Just my prediction for Saturday's game.

9. "Treat a problem like a dog. If you can't eat it or piss on it, then walk away."
(thank you Leasa for the fun phone call. No problems today. I'll keep this in mind.)

10. Girls Nite Out tomorrow night!!
Avenue Bistro, Sylvania, Ohio, @ 7pm
All fun, happy chicks invited!!

Well, gotta run.

What are your three random thoughts at this moment?


Techietami said...

1. Ditto...when will summer be back?

2. Why did 16 seem so mature when I was that age, but now that I have a son that age it doesn't seem that way?

3. Why must my kitten parade back and forth on the keyboard of my computer while I'm trying to work?

Louise Kahle said...

1/ I have spent too much of my life wishing for some time in the future to get here. Now I know that today is the only time I have and I don't care what the weather is!
2/ I've been eating too much junk food lately.
3/ Happiness is a body shaper that smooths out the lumps. (See #2)

Debby said...

1. When is it going to snow?

2. Why can't I read till 2:30 AM anymore?

3. Why do my dogs bark at each other only when I am making an important phone call?