Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Get It Out of My Head

Ever since my last post, I cannot get Rod Stewart's "Infatuation" out of my head. (I'm not even a big Rod Stewart fan?)

It's just from the whole Procrastination and Infatuation rhyming. Nonetheless ...
It's driving me CRAZY !!!

You might think my question today would be:
"What song is stuck in your head?"
It is not.

I had the most incredible conversation last night.
My face is still sore from smiling and giggling with excitement.
To be approached for an interview is ridiculously sensational.
Should it come to be ... well, I will be speechless.
(those that know me, realize how huge that is)
Should it pass ... I am truly thankful for the interest and creating excitement in my boys and I that kept me from sleeping last night.

Simple Yes or No:
Would you read an article about me in a magazine published throughout our world?


Louise Kahle said...

OK, Angie, you can't leave us hanging like that. Who approached you about an interview???
Of course I would read it. Heck, if it was payday, I might even buy it.

Anonymous said...

YES. For GOODness sake. And I'd KEEP a copy and have you autograph it. :)

Anonymous said...

I hardly know you but enjoy your approach so much that if I discoverd the article, I would read it. And I'm not talking about just killing time on an airplane. I'll over look the Rod Stewart thing... unless it's from his ealier work such as "A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse!" (every picture tells a story don't it... every picture tells a story don't it...)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear all is well and exciting with you. Heck yes I'd by the mag. It would be cool to claim that I escaped wild howla monkeys in Guat. with you.

Thank you for the energy you shared with me and all of us on our Habitat trip. You encouraged me to chase a few dreams and ignore people who discourage others from reaching them. I now have a few crazy things I am in the process of carrying out.

You are proof that life is too important not to be happy. Thanks so much!!

Jackie Wacky

Angie Weid said...

Wacky "I got bit by a duck" Jackie,


We truly had so much fun in Guatamala. I am honored to have inspired you. Let me know if I can help with your crazy dreams.

Life is fun. Get out there and live it!