Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bugs, Spiders and Santas

No, I don't mean Bugs Bunny (though likely the coolest cartoon character--EVER!)

Or, the enchanting spider, Charlotte, from Charlotte's Web.

I'm talking the creepy, crawly bugs and spiders that live, and die, in the corners of your basements and garages.

Storing your holiday items can be tricky because of these little dudes.

This is the case of "Jill."

Jill had her christmas items stacked in her garage. Which wasn't too bad, until after she moved in and found out about all the bugs we have in this area. (I don't know what it is, but there are bugs everywhere at my home, too)

Jill also had some of her Christmas decorations stored in the basement which was bad because she cannot use the stairs very well, let alone move boxes up and down them.

Jill asked me to help her get her Christmas items all in one area--her garage. And get all her items stored to avoid damage from bugs and water. I suggested I purchase some GIANT plastic tubs; Pulled all of her items out and repacked them safely into the tubs.

Now, all her items are much safer from creepy crawlies and potential water damage. Everything Christmas is in one area, ready for her to use.

GEEZ! Christmas is just over 9 weeks away.
Now that is scary!

Do you have many bugs in your home?

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