Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

I am having a wonderful day!
My boys spent the night with Gramma and I got some "me time."
(pictures are from my phone, so they are not that great)

After an energizing visit with a friend, I headed to Oak Openings. (my favorite Toledo Metro Park) After a fun bike ride through the fallen leaves, I grabbed my book and found this awesome spot to chill in the sunshine surrounded by these beautiful tall pines.

As I lay there I thought about how great life is for me. I am extremely thankful for where I am at right now. I watched the trees sway in the strong wind, though where I laid it was completely calm.

Look how these trees all grew up together, so straight and strong. They are all nearly the same age. I just find this spot filled with amazing energy. The pine needle covered floor was soft. I was far enough off the trail to not be bothered by those enjoying the park, too.

How did you enjoy the beautiful weekend?


Anonymous said...

cool! i want some ME time too!

Anonymous said...

We went to a place called "Meijer Gardens". They had a few Rodin sculptures on load from Detroit, most notable was "The Thinker". It was cool to see my kids react to a piece of art that they recognize. But my favorite is "The Kiss", which they have a miniature of. There is also a Leonardo da Vinci horse there that is about 40 feet tall. We go about twice a year and the weather yesterday was perfect for it.

Then we raked... yee ha !

SOUL said...

very very coool.
all that place needs is a lake or creek and some big fat bass...

Louise Kahle said...

Angie, from this and other posts you've written, I know you really know how to take time to rejuvenate your soul. Never stop!