Friday, September 14, 2007

Let the Magic Begin

Last month, I had a client introduce her friend, "Rita," to me.
(story here.)

As I turned to meet Rita that day, she said to me:

"Angie, I have seen your magic.
Can you please come to my house?
I need your help."

I helped Rita with her basement by installing some shelves. At our consult appointment, I chatted with Rita about what she wanted to see in her basement. The first thing I saw was she needed to get rid of all the empty boxes. This would be a challenge because the boxes were saved by her husband from all their electronics and computers equipment. (why do guys need to save these??)

Rita was able to get her husband to toss all the boxes, which gave me plenty of room to install the new shelving. She was so excited, Rita began place items on the shelves as I was cleaning up from the project.

I also installed some shelves in another area of this basement storage room (Before and After pics above). These shelves are out of the way and a perfect spot for Rita to "hide" all those items that are rarely used.

Even came up with a neat way to get their golf clubs off the floor and out of the way for the winter. Bike hooks screwed into the wall studs.

Rita was just delighted with all the new storage shelves.
I love my job. Making people happy is great.

Why DO guys save boxes?


Anonymous said...

cuz they have "box" brains.. LOL i dont know..but they do and it's ANNOYING!!!!

Anonymous said...

We know my husband saved the very same boxes as Rita's husband did. Might I add that, over the summer, Angie was successful in getting him to finally throw away the box to the PC we bought in 1996!