Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey Oprah!

Organized Solutions
is 3 years old!!

A little idea that I had planned, researched, analyzed and developed for 6 months prior to launching it, is a strong little toddler.

Doubling my number of clients from last year.
Tripling my number of client hours.
(and I have 2.5 months to go in 2007)

I made that discovery preparing for my BNI presentation which was today. I know I did a FANTASTIC job!!

Back on January 1st,
I felt like the year was going to explode with success.
No doubt about it.....It has.

Hard work.
Strong will.
Belief in Success.

I must thank you for your support.
My Mom.
My Boys.
My Family.
My Friends.
My Clients.
My Referral Sources.
Thank you to all the people that shared their business and life stories with me, and took the time to listen to mine.

Thank you to those that told me I was wasting my time.
Thank you to those that told me I needed to get a "real job."
Thank you to those that told me I was working below my ability.

In my introduction to my BNI chapter, I said my burning desire was to be interviewed by Oprah as one of the Top 10 successful women under 40.

Anyone know Oprah?
(click "Oprah", send her staff your comment about me)
Because she needs to meet me.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Angie! I am so glad to call you a friend. Onwards and Upwards!