Monday, September 24, 2007

Ringtone Fun

I noticed something the other day.
There are endless choices for ringtones.
I think it is pretty cool that you can show a bit of personality by your cellphone ring.

Maybe you just want the basic, standard ring and that's OK.
But I find it interesting to hear all the different ringtones people CHOOSE to have. Downloaded songs, quick comic lines, dogs barking, lions roaring, cannons firing, etc.

My ringtones are downloaded songs and depending on who you are you may have a special ring:

My standard ringtone --> "Sweet Home Alabama"
One of my favorite songs, people smile when they hear it.
My girlfriend ringtone --> "Shake, Shake, Shake (Shake Your Booty)"
Just a fun song, let's me know my friends are calling, better get it.
My man ringtone --> "Brass Monkey"
Let's me know a guy is calling me.
My ex-husband's ringtone -->
"Dueling Banjos"

(yep, that song from Deliverance)
Puts me in a smilin' mood before I have to chat with him.

My ringtones are fun for me. They make me smile and laugh.
And for me, It's all about having fun!

So, what's your ringtone?


Anonymous said...

I always laugh when I hear someleses funky ring tone... then laugh again when I see the scramble to answer the phone becasue they forgot they had a custom ring programed!

I must admit that I enjoy the ones that sound like a classic retro style phone the most.. it's come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Dueling pianos for NIMROD is perfect. You are one crazy chick!