Sunday, September 23, 2007

Garage Job

I've been putting off this post due to the abundant sunshine lately.
Gotta get it all in before the gray days of winter arrive.

So, I have been working on this BIG garage project. Great, big 4 car garage with no means of storing stuff except all over the floor. My client, "Carol," asked me to help her out with a plan. She has some built in shelves, however they are narrow for many bulky items.

First step was to take one side of the garage and install 16 inch deep shelves. This allowed Carol to store household supplies, cleaners, sprays and other items not used often. Keeping these items away from her two young children's reach.

The next step was utilizing the height (10 ft or 3 m) of her ceilings by installing (4) ceiling racks. These babies are awesome! They hold 250 lbs each (114 kg). I also installed some hooks to store the bikes along the back wall.

Then, there was this little "cubby" area, not sure why it was built that way. Too small to store long handle items, yet a neat little tucked away spot. I suggested installing some short shelves to utilize the space better. Definitely gave that spot a purpose in Carol's garage.

Finally, I assembled a storage shelf. I love this item. You can assemble it at a 5-tier shelving unit, or split it into two side-by-side units. By doing this you end up with a great work surface area, plus the ability to store stuff.

This was a great project. Great day since I got to use some power tools and my engineering brain.

It's a sunny day again.....gotta get outside and enjoy it!

What tool do you love to use in your business?

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately in my business. my only tool is the computer!