Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clean Out Your Closet

Fall is here and it's the perfect time to get your clothes closet organized and fresh for the new season. But how do you decide what to keep and what to part with? Here are some steps you can take:

1. It's too big or too small. Get it out of your closet and donate it so that someone who DOES fit into it can wear it. Even if you're trying to lose or gain a few pounds, it's not worth keeping it. Live in the 'now', and once you reach your goal, you can always reward yourself by shopping for a few new outfits to fit your new figure.

2. You don't like it. This is a no-brainer. We all have clothes like this in our closet. Get rid of them today.

3. It's stained. If you really like the garment, but can't wear it because it's stained, spend some time this week getting that stain washed out. If you can't get the stain out, bring the garment to your local dry cleaner. If they can't get the stain out, and there's no other way for you to hide the stain, such as a patch or accessory, then bite the bullet and part with this piece of clothing.

4. It's ripped or torn, a hem needs to be sewn or it needs to be taken in to fit. Either repair it yourself, have someone else repair it or get rid of it if the price of the repair is not worth it. Make one of these choices today, rather than allowing this damaged item to take up precious space in your closet.

5. It's a wear-once outfit. If you have a wedding dress, prom dress, tuxedo or other wear-once dress in your closet, you have an emotional decision to make. If you can't bear to part with these items because they bring back happy memories, then you may have to just keep them. However, if you have photographs of yourself in the wear-once outfit and that's good enough for you, consider parting with it so that someone else can make his or her own good memories in that outfit. On the other hand, if they bring back bad memories, by all means get rid of them. Bring them to a consignment shop, sell them at your next garage sale or donate them.

6. It's a special occasion outfit. If you have an outfit that you'll only wear if you plan to attend a special occasion, like a wedding or baptism, keep it. But only if a) you love it, b) it fits, c) it's in good condition. If you never or rarely attend a special occasion, why not set a special date with your spouse or a friend and go out on your own special occasion dinner?

7. It may come back in fashion. This is a bad reason to keep an outfit. It could take years before clothes come back in fashion (if they ever do). What if there's a theme party someday? You can likely recreate the look by visiting a local thrift shop.

(Yeah, that's me far left w/my college roommates)

8. You don't have anything to match it. Perhaps you have a shirt that you love, but can't seem to find pants to match it--or vice versa. Make it a point to go shopping this weekend in search of that perfect match. Remember, neutral colors such as black, brown, beige and gray go well with most other colors. You might even want to bring the piece you have to the store with you and have a sales clerk help you find a good match. You'll be thrilled that you can finally wear that shirt that's been sitting in your closet!

9. You never wear it simply because you have too much. If your closet is packed with clothes and you have outfits you never wear simply because you can't find them, you may want to consider purging so that your closet doesn't feel so stuffed and cramped. One thing you definitely should not do is go clothes shopping. Another possibility, is to have a professional closet system installed. These systems help you to organize and separate your clothes well so you can see everything you have at a glance.

OK, Now turn on some music, pour your favorite beverage, get a few garbage bags for donations.......and clean out your closet!

What "why do I still have this" item did you find?

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