Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Organizing Projects

Summer is coming to an end,
Fall is fast approaching.

Here are 6 projects you can think about:

1) Wash the windows. You want to be sure you're able to enjoy the colors of fall. So, grab a squeegee and window cleaner (bucket of water with vinegar). If you get really crazy, rinse off your screens with your hose. (Please remove the screens from the windows first)

2) Hose 'em down. Lawn mowers, plastic garbage containers, bikes and other items stored in the garage tend to get very dusty. While everything is out in the driveway, take the opportunity to sweep out your garage.

3) Have a closet session. Plan to go through your wardrobe from last fall and winter to see what you want to keep, and what you want to donate. Take your donations to a local charity. Once this is done, you'll be able to determine if there's anything new you need to buy to make my fall wardrobe complete. (yeah, shopping)

4) Old toys. My boys and I will go through their toys and have them put the ones they no longer play with in a large box. We'll then drive together to a charity drop-off to make our donation. Finally, we'll make one last stop at a toy store to pick up one new toy for them for being so kind and giving. (Hey, you just went shopping for new clothes. Kids deserve a little reward, too)

5) Skip the grocery store. Plan to skip going to the supermarket for one week (just pick up milk at the convenience store) and use up any food you already have in the house. You will be surprised how many meals you could scrape together from your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets and pantry. Before shopping the following week, give all of those food storage areas a good cleaning--it will be quick because most of the food will have been eaten!

6) Prune the perennials/Plant bulbs/Trim trees. You usually wait until late fall to do landscape pruning. Go out on a nice, sunny day and get it all done in an afternoon. Afterwards, go back inside and reward yourself. (OK, you've gone shopping, frig and pantry are bare, guess your reward may be a long soak in your bath surrounded by candles)

What is your Fall Project?
More important ... What is your reward for completing it?


Anonymous said...

I pick washing my windows!
What do you think of those cleaners that hook up directly to your garden hose?

Bookworm said...

Wanna hear a sad one? The Hannah House box in my town was neglected for so long by the pick-up crew that the huge pile of clothes (in bags) mildewed and had to be burned. There is one other place to donate, but it is a really dirty place. I don't have garage sales anymore, not enough time. I have to find someone to give this stuff to. I guess a random church?

Bookworm said...

Great blog! Really helpful. Come visit mine if you get a chance.

Angie Weid said...

Leasa: I use a extension pole with a squeege and a window "cleaning towel thing that attaches to the end of the pole" (I don't know the tech name for it)
1)I get a bucket fill it with H2O and 2-3 cups vinegar.
2)Dunk the window cleaner in to the bucket, wipe window
3) Squeege it off.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful suggestions. I also plan on organizing before summer ends.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great reminders. I also make it a habit to organize things before something ends to prepare for the next part.