Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What were you doing?

I was rewiring my basement lights so I could flick a switch instead of walk around pulling a dozen little chords to turn the lights on. All the power was off. Matthew was at preschool. My husband had run to the grocery store with Jacob.

I had just finished the circuit and turned the power on. My phone immediately rang, my father-in-law who rarely ever calls.
"Where have you been? What are you doing?"
"Geez, calm down," I say, "I'm working in the basement."
"The Trade Center has been hit by a plane. We can't reach Adam."
(Adam is my former brother-in-law, living in NYC)

I turned on the TV and just sat, stunned like everyone as to what was happening. As soon as my husband came home with Jacob, I ran out to get Matthew from preschool. I just wanted my boys around me.

My boys and I talked about this day at breakfast.
It was time to tell them about that day.

What were you doing on 9/11/01?


Anonymous said...

I was at work, at EISC, and on the phone with Rebecca Booth, planning an an awards program, when the first plane hit. Terry, who was working at home, immediately went to pick up Jacob from preschool too.

Anonymous said...

I was suppose to be flying that day back from Europe. I had switched my trip back a day with a friend, so I came home on that Monday. As a flight attendant it has changed my job forever, it is the reason I want to eventually quit and be at home with my family. I just hope we never become complacent, go with your gut if you think something is wrong, don't be afraid to speak up if you see something suspicious, not just flying but in day to day life. We lost 25 crewmembers that day on those planes. They are not forgotten.