Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yeah, I can do that

My client, "Mary" called me up the other day. She was looking for some help getting a few items assembled that she purchased for her new home.

I had helped Mary move into her home in May, and I was more than happy to help her out again. She was looking to get her patio furniture assembled, a TV cabinet and some shelving in the playroom.

-Her patio set went together very easily. Looks great on her new patio.
-The TV cabinet had a problem with one of the doors. She needs to call the manufacturer and get a replacement piece. It was damaged in shipping.
-The shelving in the playroom is saved for my next visit.

Mary could have assembled them herself. My engineering brain helps me put things together a bit quicker. Plus Mary was able to work on some other things around her home.

My job is all about helping people feel better about their home.

What ability in your brain helps your clients?

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Anonymous said...

I need you to hang artwork and framed photos around my house. You know the ones that have been leaning up against furniture, waiting pathetically, for someone to hang them. Like cooking, hanging wall decor is not one of my talents. I need to leave it to the experts, as they say! Help?!