Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Extra Helping Hand

Sometimes you just have to ask
for a little help.

Asking for help is difficult for me.
My mom is always telling me that
I cannot do it all.
I am getting better at allowing people to help me.

Last week, I helped Leasa get her home organized.
(little delay in posts due to summer fun)
We worked on several areas of her home.

1. Master closet.
Sorry no pics, we jumped into the project so fast we forgot.
All her clothes were pulled out, boxes and bags too. Then we sorted out what she was going to keep and donate. And put grouped similar items together when they were returned to the closet.

2. "Guest coat" closet.
Kinda of a strange little closet used as a catch all for extra items or "I don't know put it in here" closet. Again, we pulled everything out of it. Got rid of many extra bags and papers, few "why do I have these" pictures, found her kids christening outfits and set some items for donation.

3. Kitchen pantry.
There were too many of those plastic grocery bags and a few items that were not being used. Once we got the items out, I cleaned up the shelves and put the items that Leasa was using back. The things not needed were tossed.

In the end, I continued to help Leasa go through the many of the other kitchen cabinets and junk drawers. Having a little bit of extra help, went a long way in getting her home organized.

Plus we had a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

When do you ask for help?


Anonymous said...

hey all the time!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's good to see the bottle of Rum made it back into the closet. Nice! ;)
I am terrible about asking for help. When I do, I sure do feel better. Boy, I should ask for help more often. Thanks, Angie!