Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Matthew

My son turned 9 years old yesterday.

I cannot believe it!
I still feel 22 years old?

An amazing young man, who knows how to take care of his mommy.

He made me breakfast in bed this morning.
He does this at least once a week.
He picks out flowers for me when we go shopping.
He helps around the house and is very protective of me.

I am incredibly proud of him.

Every year on my boys birthday, I take the time and write them a letter. (click here for previous post)
It is a wonderful tradition I truly enjoy.

Another tradition is making birthday cakes. I was kinda bummed this year when he did not want to make his birthday cake. We always create some elaborate theme and I pretty much let them decide what they want.

This was his cake from last year, "animals about to be wiped out by a volcano and lava." Sweet theme!
This year he wanted a cookie cake.....Boring.

But, this was his choice.
It was what he wanted.
Our tradition was cast aside this year and I was a bit sad.
Matthew had a wonderful birthday and he devoured his cookie cake!

Traditions are great, but you have to be prepared for changes.
I am not giving up my letter writting tradition, no way.

What traditions have changed over time with you?

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