Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Vacation Week

Bit of a vacation week....
thought I should say "HI!"

I spent the last three days at camp with my son, Matthew, for cub scouts. It was so cool to see what a truly great young man he has become.

He passed the beginner's swim test (25 yards out and back).
He earned a marksman award for BB gun shooting.
He performed his first flag raising ceremony.
He whittled away at sticks like crazy.
...... All sorts of other cub scout stuff.

The best part was hearing from the other Dads what a great kid Matthew is. Of course I know this, but it IS special to hear it from other parents.

Tomorrow, my boys are going to our BNI meeting.
I said "our" because I always refer to Organized Solutions
as "Our" business. They are my partners in its success.

After BNI, we are heading to Cleveland to visit the Zoo and the
Science Center.

I am so looking forward to getting away with just me and my boys.
We are going to have so much fun!!!

Where are you slipping away to this summer?

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Louise Kahle said...

On Sept. 2nd, Mike and I will be in Portland, Me. The son of my oldest friend (since the 1st grade!) is getting married on the beach. It is his first marriage and he is 36 years old. We wouldn't miss it!
We're taking two weeks and spending several days with our best friends in Pawcatuck, Ct.
As much as I have come to love living in Toledo, I am very excited to get my New England "fix" and while I'm there, gourge myself on seafood!!
Oh yeah, I'm sorry to inform all my midwestern family and friends - lake fish is NOT seafood.