Sunday, May 11, 2008

Better Tidy Up After Yourself

So, if you are trying to come up with your next excuse why NOT to get organized, perhaps these commercials from IKEA will help you to turn that thought around and just get organized.

They made me crack up.
Hope you enjoy them, too.

Thank you John from OrganizingLA for sharing.

What's your story from not being organized?


Louise Kahle said...

Thanks for sharing!

But I don't get the last one???:)

Cheryl Engfer said...

OMG freakin hilarious!!!

Now there are 3 reasons your ass should be organized! No excuses

Anonymous said...

Loise, uh honey... it's a vibrator.

Louise Kahle said...

Dear Anonymous,
Is that for mixing your smoothies?

Anonymous said...

No, its for your lower region when your mans not around!

SOUL said...

LOL.. what a crack up--

happy humpday angie
sorry--no pun intended there

Louise Kahle said...

Dear Anonymous,
Well, I'll be darned! What will they think of next!!!!

SOUL said...

hey-- did you--or are you gonna re-apply for survivor?
i sooo would be backin you up on that-- you would be everyone's favorite-- i just know it-- wth is wrong with those people? did you hear some of those peeps had applied like five times tho-- don't ever stop tryin.. someday you'll get there-- and ii hope hope hope you win !!!

Angie Weid said...

Soul, Thanks for the encouragement!

I will be completing application #5 for Survivor. Now, it has become a matter of principles. I just cannot give up until the show is cancelled. Looking to redo my video and likely will not be posting it, but I will make it available to those that wish to view it. I'll keep you updated

Enjoy the weekend!

SOUL said...

well..good luck with that--and you know I wanna see it!

c ya---