Thursday, September 25, 2008

We All Could Use One Day Of Only Positive Stories

I have been dealing with a lot of customer service counters in the past couple weeks, and the experiences have all been wonderful. Perhaps these encounters were all lessons for me to remember when dealing with clients, friends, family or random strangers.

1. Best Buy - Never good when you have to take back a camera for repair within the first year. Since I purchased the extended warranty (I tend to be a bit rough on small electrical items), no added expenses incurred. Well, Best Buy guy John blew me away when he handed me a brand new camera off the floor. Better features than I had in my broken camera. Thank you John!

2. Verizon - After a new client phone call asking why is number long distance, I decided to add a second phone number to Organized Solutions. Verizon was incredibly accomodating, even sync'd my contact lists with my now TWO phones - one SE Michigan and one NW Ohio. Jennifer rocks!

3. Lowe's - A long 3 day search for a new dishwasher ended at Lowe's. I went to 3 different stores only to find insulting sales staff. (if you are a guy, you don't understand). At these stores, the men talked to me like I was 7 years old incapable of tying my shoes. One guy even told me, I could not install this myself. Another wanted to charge me delivery plus installation and negelected to mention a rebate ... nice. At Lowe's, Darren told me that installation is easy and set me up with right water supply line. Darren is the man!

4. Macy's - Got a bit of an award event to attend tonight and wanted a new outfit. Purchased it, then took back the skirt (I was iffy about it), then Leasa gave me $#&@ and told me to go get it. She's a good friend and I listened to her. Turns out the skirt was on sale and the associate, Michelle, gave me the sale price on the blouse I bought a month ago, too. Dang, I'll be looking good tonight! Thank you Michelle.

5. Belle Tire - My car tires were in need of rotating and Belle Tire helped me replace a tire last summer. I asked them to do an alignment since there was a bit of a pull to the left. Well, turns out no alignment needed, just a rotate. NO CHARGE! Ken, you made my day!

These companies did a great job treating me as a valuable customer. So much negative news going around lately. Spend the day focusing on the positive and good happening around you. Should you hear a negative story or comment, turn the channel, flip the page, get away from that person. Let's make one day of just positive stories.

What is your positive story today?


Anonymous said...

Awesome stories. I had a really good experience at Best Buy relating to the video camera I bought earlier this summer. Good people there.

And, yes. Angie rocks that skirt. It belongs on her!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I could tell a million positive stories!

I think the best ones are about my husband's Chief and fellow co-workers though.

As most everyone knows (especially on his boat) I went into pre-term labor 2 weeks ago and am now on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, though a relaxed bed rest ("Listen to your body" my Dr. tells me).

If I call the boat for anything at all, I now get a call back within 5 minutes. His co-workers track him down even if I tell them it's nothing important, just to have him call when he can.

If I do need him home to take care of me or to take me to the hospital, his chief is very accommodating and always lets him leave, even if it means they'll be short handed. Most wouldn't do that.

I have to applaud the workers of the Blue Crew on the USS Alabama for outstanding support and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Zappos is an amazing place to shop as well, generally you get free overnight shipping if something needs to be returned they will overnight you a replacement before you even send the first item back. THe greatest part is you can wear their shoes for 365 days inside and still return them if you don't want them for a refund! Not to mention they have an amazing selection of shoes.

Angie Weid said...

My college roommate wrote this to me for posting:

I have been working with a group of volunteers over the past year to restore the 50 acre nature preserve in my neighborhood. There are 9 of us on the Steering Committee and we work so well together (maybe because our planning meetings involve a couple bottles of wine!). We are celebrating our first anniversary this weekend and the difference we have made in the preserve is remarkable. We've cleared 3 acres of the preserve of invasive plants, planted over 2000 native plants in their place and had thousands of hours of volunteer time from the people in our community. It has been amazing and heartwarming and fills me with hope.

Angie's friend Heather

Angie Weid said...

Cousin Cheryl in Houston, TX sent me this:

We have power back now and are doing fine. Thank you for checking on us. The kids started back to school on Monday so I finally get a little break!!

Thanks Cheryl!

Katherine said...

The Salvation Army

Catholics for Housing


Unity in the Community

Bull Run Unitarian Universalists

The League of Women Voters

Student Loan Justice

I can't explain why all these groups are so very cool. It would take up your whole blog! : )

Kat Webber said...

I just received a shirt form Cafe press I bought for my puppy. It was smaller than I expected and wrote Cafe press today and they are sending me out a new one at no charge. The surprising part is they do not want me to send back the first one. Great customer service!
Thanks Angie for a place to share nice stories