Friday, September 05, 2008

Let's Celebrate!!

From Wikipedia: A half-birthday is a day six months before or after the real anniversary of a person's birth.

Most half-birthdays go unremarked, but they may still be celebrated as a special day. Perhaps the most common use is by people whose birthday falls near Christmas, a holiday so widely celebrated that it can overwhelm private anniversaries. People attending school sometimes celebrate half-birthdays if their real birthdays do not occur during the school year, so they can celebrate with friends and teachers at school.

Well ..... Today is MY HALF-BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Boys are going to their dad's and I am off for big fun this weekend.

As Kool and the Gang sings:
"Celebrate good times, come on.

What are you celebrating?


Phyllis said...

lol! I always celebrate my half birthday as well because my best friend in high school and I were (are) exactly 6 months apart.

I'm celebrating a freshman football team 2-0 season thus far, plus the second varsity game with a new energy. Go Mules!

Enjoy your day! (weekend)

SOUL said...

hmm, well, i just counted and it's only five months from my birthday-- so i don't get to celebrate yet.

but hey-- party on baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll do the "half birthday" thing this year since my parents *might* be in town already.

I'm celebrating the fact that I think I found our perfect house yesterday :)

Heike said...

Happy Half Birthday :).

When my kids brought this home from school the first year, I thought it was a bit silly...only because we celebrate birthdays like royalty here and cannot afford to do twice a year :)...