Saturday, September 13, 2008

Want A Wife?

"I want a wife.
I don't want to have sex with her.
I just want her to empty my dishwasher."

That is what was said to me 4 years ago by a fellow school mom as we signed in to help out in our sons' 1st grade classroom.
"You know. I just started my own business helping moms with stuff, " I cautiously mentioned in the office.

The four people in that room all told me what a great idea.
One wanted to hire me right there.
... Huh? Could I be on to something?

I had begun working on the concept of Organized Solutions months before. My divorce was wrapping up, my ex had finally moved out of our home and I'm starting up a business ... What was I thinking?!?

Part of me knew I was crazy,
another part of me loved that I was crazy.
The timing was perfect to begin a business
because the time was NOW!

My business is 4 years old. ... WOW!

Happy Birthday
Organized Solutions!!

I always thought to franchise this puppy in 5 years.

Guess who I made contact with this week?
A company intrigued with franchising Organized Solutions.


What do you want?


Phyllis said...

I want your job! Seriously!

Congrats. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about your work.

Angie Weid said...

Thanks Phyllis. My boys and I are pretty excited about our business.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Congrats!

Louise Kahle said...

I love that quote at the top of your blog! It should be in a movie.

Angie Weid said...

Louise - I laugh everytime I think about that day. Your movie idea is wonderful.

SOUL said...

you already know i want a wife!!! well, not one to have sex with of course :))

toooo awesome that you have interest in a franchise.. you know,DFW -- would be a great place to have one... huge place-- two income families , who has time for such things?

high five baby