Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking Care of Mom

The cycle of life can be a tough cookie.

Our parents care for us for the first 18 years of our lives. We are dependent on them for these years. Then we begin to break away, live on our own, start up our own family and get all involved in soccer games, paying bills, cleaning house and writing that business proposal for the boss. Many times family members become spread out across the country and when Mom needs help, you must drop what is happening in your life and turn to care for your mom.

Well, you still have your job, your house and your kids. Soccer games are still going on, bills need attention, house is a mess and that business proposal needs to be rewritten because the boss wants to include the 5 year forecast ...... Oh, and you're out of milk.

Assisted Living facilties can help allieviate much of the stress off the family when mom (or dad) is in need of a bit more daily living help. I have had the opportunity to help several families coordinate the move of their loved ones into Browning Masonic Community in Waterville, Ohio.

I worked with mom to make sure she packed what she NEEDED in her new home. Unfortunately, you just can squeeze a house of stuff into a 1-2 bedroom apartment. Many bags of trash went to the curb, items were set aside for the family to sort through, a few loads were taken for donation. Then coordinated the moving company to load up mom's items and take them to her new home.

Then helped unpack what was brought. Made sure mom's bed was made. She had a drinks and munchies in her home. Mom was pretty much ready to settle down for night's rest. She was never alone through the entire moving process.

All this happened and you were able to stay on track with your responsibilities.

Does this make you a evil, bad daughter/son for allowing someone to help you and your mom?
Not at all.

Mom is in a beautiful, safe new home.
You no longer have to worry about mom being alone.

How awesome is your mom?


Anonymous said...

You obviously know how awesome my mom is! I mean, she's the coolest mom, and she has to be one of the coolest aunts...who knows though. I know she was always more involved with her own kids than her nieces and nephews.

My dad is also the coolest :)

Anonymous said...

If the Japanese can fit all that stuff into a VCR, you can surely fit a house full of stuff into a small apartment.


VCR's are offensive to Muslims!


SOUL said...