Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Preparation Leads To Success

"If I had six hours to chop down a tree,
I'd spend the first hour sharpening the ax."
~Abraham Lincoln

Preparation is one of the most difficult tasks.
There's no gratification and might even be BORING. You usually must take the time, gather supplies, perhaps even get all hot and sweaty.

None of this is satisfying. We just want to get to the results as fast as possible and move on to the next task.

"Mary" wanted to get prepared for the upcoming holiday season. I know it's September, but she wanted to be PREPARED. Last season, she tossed all her decoration into a basement storage area. Then slowly Mary began to throw other stuff into the area, just stacking items precariously. Afterall, the area wasn't organized, why start now ... right?

Well, the whole area had got out of control and Mary wanted to get this area whipped into shape. She wanted all her Christmas decorations in one area, canning supplies in another and luggage stored elsewhere. "I just want to walk in here and not feel like crying," Mary exclaimed.

As I dug into the piles, I found Mary had plenty of room on her shelves. Many of the bags and boxed could be consolidated into like items. Quickly the area began to become organized.

Mary could now fully open the door into the room. She had an area for canning supplies, christmas and home decor items, "the husband stuff" (what is it with guys and their stuff?) and plenty of room to spare. Best of all ... Mary walked right into her storage area, beside herself with delight that she could see everything.

The holiday season may be 11 weeks away and
Mary is ready to go!

What should you be preparing for?

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Anonymous said...

I need to start trying to find Christmas Cards and Birth Announcements and get the envelopes addressed and ready to go out. They're going out as one this year, so yeah...I'm sending A LOT of them...better to start now than later.