Monday, October 26, 2015

Major home clearing and organizing project

When a loved one passes away, their lifetime can be left in their home.

This is a case of extreme nature in this project.

Clearing this home took 3.5 days and the following supplies and resources:
- 2 professional organizers
- 400+ black bags
-  (3) 15 cubic yard dumpsters
- 3 pick-ups of donations by Goodwill of Northwest Ohio: 40, 50, 200 bags
- 80 lbs of new toiletries and unopened foil/baggies/plastic wrap donated to Cherry St Mission
- 3 bankers boxes of new office supplies, along with several plastic bins/drawer systems donated to local elementary school

To view all 24 before and after pictures please visit our Facebook page 

If you know of a loved one who needs help, please contact me and I will work to find a local organizer to help.

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