Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to Get Organized: Challenge #6

Recently found a can of soup from 1998 in a client's pantry which got me thinking about our next organizing challenge:

Today's project: Your Pantry.

Pull everything out, clean the shelves
and organize those cans and boxes

Reward: Rent that movie you keep passing,
yet you always look at it.
Oh, you'll need some popcorn, too
(hey, this is bigger than a 10 min project)
Organizing your pantry is a great weekend project. It's not going to take all weekend (I hope), though it will be longer than 10-15 minutes.

Remove everything from your "pantry" or the area you have all your food items. As you take items out, organized them into like groups:
soups, veggies, rice, pastas, sauces, treats, snacks, etc ...

You also will need to make sure you LIKE the stuff you are keeping and you will USE it. If it is from 1998 and you moved it from one home to your current home and you still have it, uh ... you're not going to use it in 2010.

Now, there will be crumbs and crusties about on the shelves.
Everyone has them.
I don't know how they get there, they just do.

You've got your storage area cleaned up.
Start placing your stuff back in the area using the groups you have sorted items.

Boom Baby!
You are ready to enjoy that goofy movie because your pantry is a sassy, sexy organized pantry.

What movie you chillin' with tonight?

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