Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing a Better Storage Room

"This is not working and you need to cast your organizing magic," Jennifer stated about her business' storage room.

"Jennifer" had just moved into a bigger, brighter beautiful new location yet the storage room was a huge headache for her and her colleagues.  She wanted peace, calmness and especially some much more functional plan for this space.

We took some measurements and talked about the options available.  Looked at the items Jennifer had in this storage room and how to organize those items and supplies in a much better method.

Jennifer was also looking to remove the bulky wooden cabinet that was falling apart and wanted a fresh, crisp look to the room. Plus she wanted an area for her colleagues personal belongings to be stored.

Jennifer ended up deciding on an awesome chrome finished storage shelving unit (bonus: it's on wheels). This item slid perfectly into the back of the storage room. Here we would organize and store all the business supplies and merchandise stock. There is even room to place a microwave oven, too.

The open shelving made the room feel so much bigger.  Plenty of room for the small refrigerator.  Also a cubbie storage system was assembled for use by the entire staff of the business.  Here, everyone would have their own little area to store their personal belongings through out the day, PLUS a way of leaving notes and mail for each other.  Hooray!

Finally the last item Jennifer asked for were coat hooks.  When thinking about hooks always think about using double hooks as opposed to single ones.  Double hooks typically use nearly the same amount of wall space to install, though the benefit is you now have two hooks.  Might not seem like much, but it does make a difference when you are cramped for space.

Also, if you are tight on wall space, stagger the placement of the hooks when you install them.  Meaning: Don't place them side by side at the same height on your wall.  Mount one of your hooks higher and off to the side from the other.  This will allow you to maximize a small wall space.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would happen?

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