Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Your Closet Work for You

Oh, we all can get sooooo frustrated about things in life.
Your home should not be one of those areas.

"Molly" loved her room, alas her closets were quite annoying because they did not seem to work for her.  Lots of space, yet no idea how to make all the fabulous space work better for her.

She even went out and bought a closet kit to install herself, though as all the pieces came tumbling out, Molly soon realized this closet organizing project was a bit out of her comfort zone.

Her first closet was a blank canvas of organizing possibilities.  Hanging space was not a priority so we discussed shelving options.  Looking at the closet kit she purchased, we talked about installing some fixed shelving instead.  Molly's purchased kit was pricey and not going to be a perfect fit for her needs.

For about half the price of Molly's original closet shelving purchase, we installed 3 fixed shelves.  Here she could place all her sweatshirts, jeans, shirts and other personal items.  Easy to select an item and, more importantly, easy to put away when done.

On the floor, we assembled two Closetmaid Cubeicals and laid them on their side.  These would be perfect for handbags, purses and all those little things that seem to tumble about at the bottom of a closet.

Molly was delighted!

In Molly's other closet, she was pretty happy with the long hanging space. To keep her shoes from piling up on the floor in a heap, we assembled two Closetmaid Horizontal Organizers. These long open shelving units are wonderful for organizing shoes.

All these products used to help organize Molly's closets ended up saving her money because they were about half the total cost of the original closet organizing system she purchased.  PLUS, now she feels like her closets are exactly the way she wants them to be.

No more frustration = Happy Molly

... and that makes me happy too!

What area of your home is frustrating to you?

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