Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garage From Hell (part two)

Moving Sucks!
There I said it and don't even say you have not thought this during at least one of your moves ... if not every single one.

No matter how long you have lived in your current home, moving takes so much time and energy whether you hire movers or not. You've got to sort through the stuff to take and stuff to trash/donate/leave behind. Everything has to be boxed up. Your home becomes a warehouse setting with stacks and stacks everywhere.

The day of the move all your items are carried into your new home and stacked ... again ... everywhere. UGH!

Soul had me help her and her family get ready for their move back in June. That was a big task and we successful accomplished it with ease. She now asked me to return to help UNPACK from their final move.

As their new garage door rises, we are greeted with this:

Boxes stacked everywhere. Not quite as bad as our June project, but the goal was to get Soul's car parked into her garage and out of the hot Texas summer sun.

With the music jammin' we went to work, grabbing boxes and slicing them open to see where they belonged. I carted them into their home to the room the items belonged. Items for her husband to sort were set into his boat.

In under 5 hours, everything that needed to be in the house was in the appropriate room. Many of the boxes were broken down and packing materials boxed up. A free listing on Craigslist had someone at the house within hours to take the majority of boxes away (yeah no landfill use).

Best part was seeing Soul park her car in her new garage.

We spent much of the next days sorting and finding homes for many of the items inside Soul's home. It's going to take a bit longer before all the boxes are gone. Working on 2-3 each day is very managable. Soon, everything is in its place for hopefully many, many, many years.

How would you describe the moving process?


Louise Kahle said...

As I get older I find it is easier to part with things that I used to think had sentimental value. Now, when evaluating whether or not to keep something, I ask myself whether it has anything to do with who I am now. Very often it doesn't, and it goes in the trash or to Goodwill.

Blasé said...

I get depressed just thinking about it!