Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Garage From Hell

Moving is an exciting and stressful time.
It will be compounded if you have not even finished unpacking from a previous move.

Knowing they were going to be in this home temporarily, Soul and her family never sorted through all the boxes stacked in their garage. On top of those boxes, were more boxes and items tossed adding to the pile of stuff. Their fishing gear was scattered about the perimeter of the piles which left them climbing over items to get in and out of the garage.

With the Soul family frustrations rising, time had come to purge. Plus with a new home in the very near future, something had to be done. They have a storage unit where they keep their bass boat.

The game plan we came up with was to sort through the boxes: keep, donate/curb, storage and trash.

Keep items were mainly fishing gear, tools and garden stuff.
Donate/curb items were things the family knew they would not need, but others could use. We had a couple mattresses, chairs, dresser, books, etc. These items quickly disappeared as we worked.
Storage items were mainly boxes that had not been opened from the previous move because they were waiting to get into their permanent home.
Trash ... big pile of papers, torn boxes and broken items.

Ideally, The Soul family wanted their boat in the garage for easy access. So, we swapped and transferred the storage boxes into the storage unit and the boat came home. As the Soul family packs up for their final move,they can add those boxes to the storage unit. On the big move day, the Soul family will have a much smaller number of the time consuming boxes to shift and can focus getting their furniture situated and slowly bring in boxes to unpack in their new home.

A project that would have taken days for the Soul family to complete, began at 9am and finished before 2pm -- under 5 hours!!

Since Soulman was focused on hauling the storage boxes, he has a few to sort in the garage yet. Though he'll get them done before the move date.

We conquered this "garage from hell," as Soul called it.
The Soul family is ready for their boat to come home and start packing for their final move.

Completing this project will make moving into their new home sooo much easier. I am thankful I was able to help the Soul family with this organizing adventure to Dallas, Texas.

What have you conquered?


SOUL said...

haha you posted at the magic 333 !!! i do hope that's a good thing.

just in case anyone needs a hand in organizing-- a push in the right direction of what to finally get rid of that they've been hauling around for years unnecessarily, or just a whirlwind organizer-- who is focused and unyielding in the toughest of jobs--- this is the lady to call.

now that i've done my sales pitch--

i honestly could not have done done this garage without her.

and to top it off she is more than a pleasure to have around. her sense of humor, and her drive to get things done, are no less than motivation and mandatory FUN!!

she goes home today-- and she will be missed, by all of the soul clan.

you've seen what she can can do for big jobs here-- imagine what she can do for you--

i just may be calling her back here to un-move us :))

SOUL said...

are you home yet????

Anonymous said...

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