Monday, June 08, 2009

Lovin' Rubbermaid

All great companies listen to their customers wants and desires to create better products and services. Rubbermaid has taking food storage containers to a new level by doing just that.

Rubbermaid's new food storage products ... well, they ROCK!
Best to just run down the new options available:

Easy Find Lids - Hallelujah! Finally no more will plastic containers forever be parted with their matching lid because these lids snap to the bottom of the containers or can all be stacked together as a happy family.

Premier - Easy to seal. Easy to clean. Easy to store. The storing part I LOVE! The lids snap to the bottom of each container or you can stack all the lids together. Plus, the containers all nest into each other. YEAH!!

I also performed an impromptu drop test as my homemade salsa came "flying" out of my fridge and hit the floor. Terrified to look down, I was shocked to see my salsa safely secure inside my premier container. Joy.

Produce Saver - Being a single chick, my produce tends to turn south before I can munch it all up. Thank you Rubbermaid for your Produce Saver line! It's green which is just a happy color. Bonus, my fruits & veggies last much longer and still crispy fresh. The tray snaps to the lid, and the lid snap to the bottom of the container. yeah, everything is together. LOVE IT!!

Lock-Its - For the extra security of 4 locking tabs on the lid with a rubberized seal, nothing is going to get out of these bad boys. Perfect for taking your favorite soup into work for lunch or storing your make-up items in the bottom of your gym bag. The lids will not pop off. ... yes, the lids snap to the bases, so organizing is a snap. Happiness.

All these Rubbermaid products are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Plus they all nest together. No longer must you tear apart your kitchen to finding matching lids and bowls. Thank you Rubbermaid for making organizing easier. All with the lifetime guarantee, too.

What company is doing something right?


SOUL said...

not many lately-- but rubbermaid is still one i continue to buy. besides the benefit of the guarantee, and lower prices-- i think they are better , and more convenient than t----rware. shhhhhh.

i don't know about you-- but i am ready. :))
no second thoughts on your end are there?
cuz there aint on mine.

happy new week ...

ps-- did you know my baby nephew got hitched today? well he did. :))

Jenni said...

I too love Rubbermaid products... I have nice collection of them...