Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pull Out Your Splinter

You know the feeling as the tiniest piece of wood
jabs its way right into your finger.


If you're lucky, you can pluck that bad boy out quickly. Aaaahh, instant relief.
Amazing how such a small innocent item can reek havoc on your whole body. If you are not able to get your splinter out, your finger will T-H-R-O-B all day long.

There are all kinds of trick to removing a splinter:
Ice Cubes
Preparation H (hey I just googled it)

Bottom line: GET IT OUT and you will feel better.

What does a splinter and Preparation H have to do with organizing?
(frankly Preparation H has nothing to do with it)

Look around your home. I bet big money that there is at least one item that you are keeping because your mom/daughter/friend gave you and you don't even like it.
You NEVER liked it.
Yet, there it is in your big beautiful home.

Like a splinter in your finger all day long
... throbbing
... getting swollen
... red and painful.

This corncob riding cowgirl figurine has been in your home for years.
You look at it every day.
You have to dust it (I hate dusting)
You move it to another spot, but it doesn't help.
You walk past it and think,
"I wish I could get rid of it, but I don't want to hurt ___'s feelings."

Time to get that splinter of a corncob out of your home!
Let it go.

Likely the person who gave it to you, will not be offended. They probably don't even think about that gift any longer. And if they are upset, well, they're just not that great of a friend to begin with.

Guarantee that by removing that one item from your home you will feel a sense of relief, just as you do when you slide that tiniest piece of wood out of your finger.

Aaaaahhhhh .........

What splinter is in your home?

1 comment:

SOUL said...

i have a particular splinter that will hurt me more than the giver to let go-- but i will. when i pack. i'm tired of lookin at it.
i have lotsa splinters in fact-- no preparation h required.. just a pair of gloves perhaps. got any? better bring em. :))