Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Long Lost Art of a Letter

When was the last time you received a letter addressed to you
that wasn't a bill, notice or sales advertisement?

I'm talking about a letter for you,
written with the intent of caring or gratitude.

Michigan State Senator, Randy Richardville, took the time to write Matthew this letter acknowledging his recent achievement in receiving the Arrow of Light in Scouting. Mr. Richardville must have read about it in our local paper.

Matthew said he had no idea what to expect as he opened the letter in front of his school classmates. Then he read it and everyone cheered!


Thank you Mr. Richardville for creating an amazing memory for my son.
I will remember the joy and pride on his face forever.

Who are you writing a note to today?
(emails do NOT count)


Jayne said...

That's so true. It means so much more when you send a hand written letter than an email.

SOUL said...

earlier i said i never get mail-- well, i stand corrected--- a few months ago-- i got a really awesome hand written note in a card-- and it was sent with the most awesome SLOTH (stuffed toy) that i have ever seen.
i think it had healing powers even/ how bout that BABY?!

ps-- you better resend your info--lest you be sittin at DFW for ummm ever.
i know the time and the airline-- oh and the day-- but that's not enough to get by with.

catchya latah

SOUL said...

oh-- who am i writing a note to today? well, myself apparently. :))

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is so awesome for Matthew. Guess there are congressman that do know how to do things correctly.