Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pumped Up and Focused

Big day today.
Feeling like Buster Douglas up against Mike Tyson.
Not looking for a championship, just fairness.

Music is how I pump up and get ready for everything.

Today, I choose Eminem, "Lose Yourself."

What is your rally song?


SOUL said...

i haven't heard that song since i saw the movie! i forgot i liked it. :)) senile, you know.
i reckon you're already gone .. good luck anyhow. i have a good feelin about this-- email me as SOON as you get home! ok, as soon as you see this and know i wanna know. k?

good times are on the way !!! EIGHT and a wake up!!!
woo hoo!!

SOUL said...

oh-- oops--
my song is -- kanye west stronger
i loveit

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success!!

Nimrod's a putz for sending his childish email to you. He can't shade your sunshine. Still can't believe you married a guy named Nimrod. Surely lives up to his name.

Angie Weid said...

@Soul - Days are a counting down to fun in the sun. Ready to purge?

@Anonymous - thank you. Leopards never change their spots.

SOUL said...

purge eh?--- i think so-- as long as that means get rid of stuff. i have already informed mr soulman, that we were puttin him to work-- loadin and haulin stuff. lol-- that WAS the excuse he had in the need to have his big ole bubba truck anyways. :))

i also told him we were gonna take off for a day to have some fun before killin ourselves workin..hahahahaha. no problemo.
told ya so.