Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovin' Your Office

"Help me, I'm lost in my own office."

We've all felt lost at some point in our lives, sometimes everyday. Though in your home is one place you do NOT want to have that feeling.

Your home should give you a sense of peace and solitude. A place to recharge, entertain and relax. If you are getting some negative vibes from your home, you really need to do something about it ... Stat!

"Mary" was feeling lost in her home. Moved into her new condo about 4 years ago and never quite settled her home office area. Items were kinda just tossed in there until a better spot was found for them. Mary really wanted to focus on getting her office are whipped into shape.

As we walked into her office, immediately I noticed Mary's window was blocked by her desk. Then having to step around storage drawers at the doorway, only added to the poor energy flow of the room. Now, I am not a Feng Shui expert, though this room was in need of a boost in its energy mojo.

Mary and I began to pull all the items we could out of her office. Then move her desk to the opposing wall. This opened up her window and allowed a wonderful sitting area in a big comfy chair.

Mary's desk, bookshelf and filing cabinet were moved to one wall and grouped together. Placing these items here is great because her back in no longer facing the entrance to the room (back to room = bad Feng Shui).

Many of Mary's "extra storage" items were loaded up into her car for donation. She ended up with a car load of stuff. Items that did not belong in her office were taken to their proper home.

"Holy mackrel! This is AWESOME!"

Mary's office sure did feel a whole bunch better. Best part is Mary is motivated to keep her organizing projects going. I encouraged her to schedule her next projects on her calendar, just like she did with our appointment.

By blocking off the time, you create a commitment to yourself. Also, make sure the projects are small enough you can complete on your own. You do NOT want to get frustrated by biting off more than you can chew. You'll just end up gagging and may quit the whole organizing process. That would be a bummer.

Grab your calendars.
Pick a few projects around your home.
Schedule to get to work on them.
Then, remember to reward yourself when your finished.

What area of your home is giving you some bad vibes?


Stevie said...

My bedroom and my desk is driving me insane at the moment. I know what I need to do, I just need the money to do it...especially for the desk...we need to get cubbies made for me and I need to get it cleaned and organized asap...who knows when it will really happen though!

SOUL said...

for once-- i can't complain.
unless it's my decor-- still have to hang stuff.

how ya doin

happy thursday---