Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oh, You're Organized ... You Just Forget

Being organized is an on-going battle. As time passes, items tend to drift to new areas. It’s not their home, though they sure to seem pretty comfortable and happy.

-You purchased a new phone and the box and packaging are hanging out on top of your printer.
-Papers are slowly accumulating on your desk top: one stack for bills, one for stuff you need to do and other of, well, anything goes with THAT stack.
-You have paper clip boxes in 3-4 different drawers in your desk.

You are an organized person, at least you remember being one. Just can’t seem to find the time to get it together again. Need a little nudge or maybe just a swift kick in the rump to get back on track.

“Lisa” pretty much felt her home office had lost its way and needed to be brought back on track. Bills and statements had been collected for years that needed to be shredded. Old family paperwork needed to be looked at one last time before let go. And, a new game plan needed to be set for her household and office supplies.

Quickly Lisa’s office began to resemble an area she remembered. Two bags of papers were ready for the shredder, two bags of stuff were sent to the curb and all her items were back in their homes.

Her desktop is set up for weekly use. Lisa’s desk drawers have all her supplies and documents she would need or refer to every month, leaving her file cabinet and closet for long term storage and reference purposes.

Lisa was pretty amazed how much better her office began to feel; “Now I feel I have control over this area again.” With her office feeling pretty darn good, she’s ready to tackle getting her pantry organized.

As the saying goes, "Choose your battle. Win your war."

What battle are you choosing?

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