Monday, August 31, 2009

OMG, We Have a Floor!

Not too often in the organizing world do you come across a husband who declares their home has "just too much stuff with no where to put things." Not to say there are not men out there who are for being organized, just speaking in general terms fellas. "Jim" wanted to conquer his family's home office and get a grip of what it has evolved to be ... a big, gnarly, mess.

From stepping through the doorway around the piles of books, over the art supplies, tip-toeing through the magazines/mail, the time had come to get this family's office into shape! Jim had his area from the closet out and his wife, "Lilly," area was from the art desk to the door. Both worked at sorting out what they REALLY needed and what needed to go ... um, trash.

Jim declared he was not happy at all, "I'm feeling frustrated," he stated. Lilly and I encouraged him on. He was doing a great job of letting go of many papers and such. Then Lilly hit her wall, "I just can't let go of this stuff." Jim and I then helped her decide what she could let go.

When organizing, you may hit points like these along the way. It is always important to acknowledge your feelings, as well as, those you are working with. Your partner may not agree with you, though expressing an understanding eases the stress and helps the one struggling to continue to reach their goal.

Soon, Jim and Lilly's office began to come together. Art supplies were ready for use on the shelves instead of the floor, the art desk was cleared for projects, papers were filed and many were ready for shredding. The closet door now closed with plenty of room to consolidate Jim's clothing into one closet rather than two.

The tranformation of this office in such a short period of time (4 hours). Jim and Lilly have a gameplan to file their paperwork, avoiding stacking everything. Lilly has a great area to work on her drawing and painting projects. Her art supplies are easy to find on the shelves in clear bins.

The floor was swept and now shiny clean! WOW!!

Now that their home office is back to a clean fresh starting point, Jim and Lilly will feel motivated to keep it this way. Overtime items may drift out of their homes. You just need to acknowledge when you feel this is starting to happen. Take a moment and plan the time on your calendar to bring your area back to happiness. If you do this periodically, you will always feel good about your home.

What floor in your home has been lost?

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SOUL said...

would you believe all my floors are still visible???
bwa hahahaha
thanks !!!
happy tuesday