Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Eyeballs In Coffee??

I love practical jokes!

Some of my most successful ones:
- Switching all the letters on a keyboard
- Removing all the lightbulbs out of an apartment
- Signing a "friend" up for a special visitor at 6am
- Filling a coworker's desk with those styrofoam peanuts

All in good fun, right? I've had some doozies pulled on me, too.
So in honor of April Fool's Day ... how about a quiz?

Your Prank Is: Putting eyeballs in your friend's coffee

What prank should you play?

Hmmm ... wonder where I can get some eyeballs ...

What prank have you played out?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm suppose to set up an office chair tilt a whirl. I like the time we had office chair races down this long hallway. That was until someone broke their nose hitting a wall. Then we just laughed at him. Cruel though still funny.

I've heard about your "visitor" prank, that is classic!