Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organizing What You Have

"I hate it. I just hate it" This is a cry of frustration.

A wonderful big open basement for storage, yet the items have taken control of the space. Haphazardly brought into the basement for storage, shut the door and you don't see it. Right?

Well, next time you go into the basement to get something you DO see it and think "Aaaahhh!" Think about the stuff you have and come up with a plan to get it organized: home improvement, tools, sports equipment, outdoor decor/furniture, kid's toys etc. Remove any boxes that are empty. What is it with guy's and keeping empty boxes?

You might think, "Oh, we are going to have a HUGE garage sale and get rid of all this stuff." But you do use these items and want to keep them.

If you know what you want to see when you walk into the room, then you have the answer to your organizing dilemma.

Use the walls. Get things up and against the walls to O-P-E-N up the space. In this case, there were wall hooks not being used for anything, so we hung the chairs and ladder on them.

Move the shelving units against the walls for easier access. One for outdoor items and another for kids toys and sports equipment.

A shelving unit from the furnance room was used to store all the paint and home improvement supplies. The tool and home improvement items were organized on the last shelving system.

All of a sudden you have TONS of room!

Every item has a spot in storage.
You can easily find what you need.
Enjoy your newly organized basement.
Most importantly, treat yourself to something special.

You deserve it!

What did you organize?
Better yet: What was your treat?

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Louise Kahle said...

I have organized my LIFE by resigning from some of the things I had joined. I used to be stressed all the time because I was doing so much!
My reward? NO stress and taking the time to read novels again!