Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do You Really Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Get Organized?

One area I find I can help clients with the most: optimizing their space.

Perhaps my rocket science degree (BSAAE from the BIG TEN BBall CHAMPS, PURDUE UNIVERSITY) gives me the edge at looking at an area and seeing how to make it work a bit better. I dunno. Everyone has a gift or two. Me, I've got these really cool grippy toes and the ability to quickly solve an organizing dilemma.

See the problem, listen to your needs, create the solution.
You need these three steps to solve any problem.

When "Jennifer" showed me her storage room, there was plenty of space. It just was not being used efficiently: an undersized storage unit, stuff stacked on the floors and 3 great walls left nearly empty.

First thing, clear out the room to make way for some shelving and wall racks. You can see the all the great S-P-A-C-E available!

Look at these great shelves: 18 inches deep, mounted right to the wall and adjustable.

For the other two walls, Storwall was installed right to the studs. Now, Jennifer can use a variety of accessory hooks to hang her long handle tools, baskets for items, hooks for tailgating chairs and plenty of room to spare.

Jennifer was blown away by the difference:
"Holy moly, now I can see what I've got."

You don't have to have an engineering degree to come up with a solution. Just listen to yourself and the solution will present itself. If you're still struggling, gimme a call. We'll have some fun getting your problem solved.

What's your little gift?


Anonymous said...

Are your toes dark blue?? That's so awesome!

Andy said...

What a difference a day makes!

SOUL said...


(if my grippy toes didn't look like barney rubble i'd show you what a talent i am. LOL)