Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Have An Apple, Give An Apple

Today has been deemed Johnny Appleseed Day.

Born John Chapman in 1774, Johnny Appleseed was a conservationalist and pioneer who introduced the apple to parts of the midwest. He was a roving philanthropist. He travelled the country giving away clothes, land, horses and trees.

As I read this, I thought about a recent trip with my college roommmates. We are all turning 40 years old this year and for 20 years we have been talking about going on a trip. Our destination was the Dominican Republic and it was spectacular! Nothing but soaking in the warm sunshine with the crashing ocean waves around us.

Since our luggage was going to be light for the trip, I ask my friends to fill their bags with school supplies for donation to the Dream Project.


I was blow away by the amount of stuff everyone brought along. We ended up with more than 80 lbs of pencils, markers, glue sticks, pens, erasers, highlighters, crayons, sticky notes, etc.....

My challenge for you this week, in honor of Johnny Appleseed, is to give out a random act of kindness.
Hold the door open for someone
Give away the better parking spot
Let the person with milk and eggs check out ahead of you
Make a donation to a local charity at your spring break destination ........

Imagine what will happen if we all give just a bit.

What was your random act of kindness?


Anonymous said...

Most of the stuff you listed as random acts of kindness are just normal everyday things for me. To me, it's how I was raised and so it's just me...never thought of it as doing something kind for someone else.

I guess my "random act of kindness" is not asking my husband to do anything for the baby, that way if he doesn't really want to do it, he's not doing it.

Phyllis said...

I had dinner at Chili's with my 14 year old the other night. At the end of the meal, he turned to me and said "Mom, this waitress is awesome. Tip her even more than you usually do." (and I usually tip between 20%-25%.) Because he asked, and because he was right, she got a 34% tip. That boy is learning!

SOUL said...

you said "turning" --so does that mean i am not late to be first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

even if i'm not first--and you already celebrated--- have some virtual margaritas with me---
you know, i heard someone say
"life begins at 40"
you're on a roll!
take care

SOUL said...

ps-- funny i read this-- after i donated on a spur of the moment guilt trip,,
i'll have to tell you about it sometime.
latah bebe`