Monday, March 02, 2009

Becoming A Human Vacuum

A Nerf gun here and a lonely sock there, next thing you know your kid's have infiltrated EVERY room of your home. As you walk around the Nerf darts scattered about your livingroom, realization sets in that things are a bit out of control.

"Holly! Evan! Pick up your toys!" you call out. The kids answer, "Well be right there." Time passes. Nothing.

Time to take matters into your own hands.

You are the parent. They are the kids.
You are in control ... or at least you should be.

Perhaps the next time you have a moment with your family, mention that you are frustrated with the items misplaced around the home. You have asked them to help pick-up with no avail.

Pick a time that works for you and state your Human Vacuum Plan:

"I would like you guys to pick up your toys and items by 7pm tomorrow night. After that time (and you MUST stick with this), I will walk through and any of your items that are not where they are suppose to be will be placed in this large, black garbage bag for donation. "

This may take 1-2 cycles for your family members to catch on. Eventually they will and you will gain control of your home again. Now, if you come across a particularly special item that has been left behind, that item becomes yours until you see fit to return the item to the owner. Provided the owner is ready to put it away properly.

Yes, there may be an item or two donated that your son will be upset about. Perhaps the next time you announce you will becoming a Human Vacuum, your kids will pay a bit more attention to their items.

You will gain control of your home over time and your organized home will feel wonderful.
Stick with your plan, be consistent and you will be successful.

What did you suck up?

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with a father who walked around the house with a garbage bag and anything that wasn't "in its place" was tossed into the bag.

You learn really fast that things need to be put back.