Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Can Almost Smell The Worms


Like the smell of worms in the morning crawling across your sidewalks, getting your garage cleaned up from the winter funk is a sign of warm sunny days to come.

Getting that first garage organizing project underway is a good thing. There was plenty of space in "Robert's" garage, just wasn't being used efficently.

This was a small area that Robert used to store all his lawn equipment and tools. Anything in here had to be sturdy to hold a lot of weight. He also was not using the walls to hang up his long handle tools and grass trimmers.

To hold the heavy loads of dirt, cast iron hose reels, planters and such a couple Muscle Racks were assembled. These bad boys hold 1,500 lbs on each shelf. Then installed a few racks onto the walls to hold Robert's long handle tools (yeah, got to use my hammer drill).

Now, this shelving area that was a catch-all for everything dirty and fertilizer smelly, is available for fishing, boating and other outdoor items.

"Holy mackerel! This is amazing!" Robert exclaimed when he saw his new garden garage.

Always glad to help a client love their space again.

What is your first sign of Spring you look forward to?


Anonymous said...

Where is the best place to store all the old baby stuff (since we're planning on having another kid someday) when you barely have room? I can send pics of everything if you want. I was thinking the garage, but I don't know where in the garage since we have so much in there and we're trying to make it into a storage room and game room.

Angie Weid said...

@Stevie - send me a couple pics of your stuff and garage. See if I can help out long distance.

Anonymous said...

I'll take them tonight and put them on the computer before we leave tomorrow. If I have time, I'll send them your way, if not, I'll send them when I get to Michigan.

Thanks so much!

SOUL said...

i had a garage like that once-- before the ole man came along.. oops i mean soulman.

i think i need sleep.