Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding A Home For Everything

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes
to see the possibilities before you.

"Joanne" had a great storage area in her basement for a hodgepodge of items: fishing poles/gear, sports equipment and household tools.

Joanne wanted this area to look neat and tidy with a spot for everything. After grouping the items into Fishing, Sports and Tools, we were ready to plan the transformation.

The floor was finished with an epoxy coating and Storewall was added to the walls to organize all the fishing and sports gear. The garden tools and golf bags were moved to the garage to be stored on racks and in cabinets.

Finally, the tools used regularly were stored on a pegboard easily vi sable to grab and go as needed. A Muscle Rack was brought in to hold the weight of Joanne's tool chest and her other tool cases.

When Joanne returned home and saw the transformation, she was quite pleased: "Everything has a home!"

Next time you are stumped on any sort of problem, step away and have a fresh set of eyes look at it. Let them give their opinion and see if they can help you solve your dilemma.

What's got you stumped?


SOUL said...

ummm... i'm wonderin where ya went :))
are you fishin?
have fun!

chaotic kitten said...

That looks great! It is so true that looking at things 'through fresh eyes' can be a revelation!