Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Garages Ready For Anything

Spring is here and perhaps one of your lingering projects is your garage. All winter long, items have been tossed and dropped as you scurry into your warm home.

"Terry" had wanted to do something with her garage, but could not figure out her plan. She has a great big open canvas to work with, so it really came down what items she would be storing in this area: car maintenance/cleaning, garden supplies, outdoor decor and golfing equipment.

Terry knew she wanted everything tucked away nice and neat, so cabinets were the perfect choice. Once the design was sorted out and the installation complete, all Terry's items were placed into their new home ready for action.

Another area that needed some attention was Terry's garage walls. Walls are the area that is rarely used to their full potential because the biggest concern is "How do I keep stuff from pulling out of the walls?"

A great solution to this is a product called Storwall. Once the panels are attached to the wall studs, you can load up these bad boys with all sorts of gear. There are a variety of accessories available that kinda snap into the tracks of the panels. As your needs change, you can easily reposition your items.

Terry's garage is now ready for action. Whatever she needs has a home, neatly tucked away though easily accessible.

Is your garage ready for fun?


Anonymous said...

What are the shelves you love and where do you get them? I have to remember the storwall too...where do you get that?

Hubs and I will be moving as soon as we find a house...can't wait! Maybe it'll be easier for me to organize that way!

Angie Weid said...

@Stevie - A favorite? It's tough, depends on the what is to BE shelved. Closetmaid/Rubbermaid shelving is great for most cases. Solid shelving has advantages, too, though cost is a bit more. Storwall can be found by a local distributor, likely available online too. Let me know if you need help finding it.

My advice: Look at what you're shelving and budget ... and always, what you want. No sense in putting in your home something you do not want. Keep us posted!