Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creating the Ultimate Experience

Attending the annual conference and expo for the National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO) is proving to be remarkable. I will admit I was quite nervous about coming. For the first time in years, my confidence was a bit off.

When I arrived and registered, that all changed!

At this point, I have no idea what I was nervous over. I am meeting some great people. Learning a bit about the future of business. And making some GREAT connections with a few of the sponsors. (we're talking about a national speaking gig in Vegas and spokeman opportunity with Rubbermaid!!)

At the opening keynote address, Scott McKain did an amazing job talking about what clients really want when they make a purchase. It truly is not the pizza, new tires or organized garage purchased that satisfies your customer. A rude waiter will ruin the tastiest burger, crispiest fries and refreshingest ale. Providing an amazing experience to your customer, will create an emotional connection.

Scott asked each of us to ask our clients a question. Please take a moment and think about this. I can only get better with your input:

If you could describe the ultimate organizing experience, what would that be?

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