Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organizing With Egg Timers

Ever start working on a project, only to find yourself an hour or so later in a completely different room and frustrated that you didn't have the time to finished what you set out to do.
(whew! long, run-on sentence).

Well here's a little trick that will help keep you on task. The incredible, non-edible, egg timer. DING!

Say you decide you are going to sort out your closet and you begin to pullout all your clothes and lay them on your bed. You find your daughter's toy in there and take it to her room. While in her room, you see her clothes are scattered all over the floor. You pick them up and take them into the laundry room. We'll you mind as well start up a load. mmmm ... as you walk past the kitchen you have the munchies and have a little snack. Your phone rings and your best friend asks, "Whatcha up to?" (This reminds me of the book "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.")

Well you were organizing your closet about an hour ago, now you're pretty much fed up with the project because it just never seems to get finished. Try using a good old fashioned egg timer to keep yourself on track.

There are all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. The key is that your timer makes some sort of noise. Hey, there's even "an app for that" (for iPhone app click here).

Now with your egg timer set for say 15 minutes, begin your project. If the timer goes off an you are still working, EXCELLENT! Reset you timer and continue. If your timer goes off and you are in the kitchen having a munchie, time to get back on task.

What did you time yourself doing?

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