Monday, October 26, 2009

Confession of a Professional Organizer

Gotta make a confession here.
You may be surprised, then again, maybe not. Like the plumber with leaky pipes and the personal trainer that eats McDonalds, professional organizers are not necessarily the most organized people.

Check out my desk:

This may not seem too bad, though I gotta tell ya it's dragging me down and something's has to be done. It's dusty. Little notes and receipts scattered about. Print outs and faxes that need to be filed. Bills to be paid. Literature and brochures that need should be tossed.

Lately when I come into my office, I just feel blah. Unmotivated to get going. Thought to myself this morning with a little chuckle the famous saying, "Do as I say, not as I do."

So, yes, some professional organizers do NOT have every piece of their lives together (my hand is raised high). Everyone's life gets out of whack and needs to be brought back into check. When you start to feel like life is getting grumpy on you, then you need to make a change.

That's exactly where I'm at. Little grumpy events keep knocking me down. Nothing terribly awful, just enough to knock the wind out of my sails and keep me from soaring. By getting my office organized, I will feel motivated and energized.

So today I'm going to take everything off my desk and dust it. File the papers that need to be filed, toss the items that I'm not using and get my system back together.

Even though I am a professional organizer, my life is not perfectly organized ... and that's OK.

What do you want to confess?


SOUL said...

i'll confess that i despise that quote that you shared with us :))
it was one of my moms favorites.. she had so many -- bleh.
but it's ok-- it's a good one to do as you please, and get away with it-- sometimes.
kinda like heads i win - tales you lose eh?

anyhow -- funy that your office is your task of the day--
that is at the top of my list for today as well...
to be honest-- mine is a lot worse than yours-- if that's any consolation.

happy monday baby !

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Angie Weid said...

@Soul - How's your office looking?
Happy Humpday!

Angie Weid said...

@Mike - I would need some info about you. There is no profile on your blog? Thanks.

Stevie said...

I'm agreeing with Soul, though Josh and I have used it on occasion with each other.

My desk is one of the top priorities though I never seem to have enough time to do it...or the space since Josh hasn't made my cubbies for the things I need to organize for more room.

The guest room is the first one the list. Finish it up. One more coat of paint, paint the bed, put the dresser in the closet, bed together in the room, linens on, find fabric for window and closet curtains, take or find a picture for the room. Voila, done. LoL! Now if it were only as fast as I made the list!