Friday, October 09, 2009

Moving MY Mom ... Another Dose of My Own Medicine

Starting to get that thick, coating medicine taste in the back of my throat.

First I got a flavor of organizing with my own garage.
Now, I'm moving my own mother. (serenity now ... serenity now)

Helping families move and downsize their homes is something I do all the time. As a senior move manager, becoming the leader in orchestrating the transition for the family to have their loved ones living in a new home is something I truly enjoy. Taking the stress and conflict out of the moving process.

Well, that is until it's my own mother (who I love very dearly).

Buttons are pushed, dramatics are played out and tensions rise.

Family dynamics are a crazy thing, having experienced a bit of frustration, eye-rolling, digressing to being a 10 year old chastised over not putting my toys away. When working with your parents, in a flash your parents forget you are an adult and you forget your parents are struggling with little loss of independence. Maintaining a calm and non-eye-rolling front can become quite a challenge.

All went well in the end. Mom is settling into her new home and I have a new found appreciation for the role of senior move managers. If you are looking for some help in moving your loved ones, check out the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) for a listing of people in your area that can help.

What can make your eyes roll?

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Stevie said...

Could you ask your mom if I could have her new address? I love sending her Christmas Cards and definitely still consider her a part of my family even though I was a baby when your parents separated.