Monday, January 12, 2009


The beauty of my job is helping people everyday. Sometimes though the help I need to provide is sad.

Back in September I moved a wonderful woman, "Alice," from her condo into an assisted living facility. We worked for 3 days preparing her belongings for the move and sorting out items that had just lost their purpose in her life for donation.
From moving to unpacking and finding her toothbrush, Alice was never alone. She was excited to be in a new community with many people to socialize with her.

Unfortunately, Alice's health has deteriorated due to a rapid progression of dementia and she has moved to a higher skilled facility. Having no family in the area, I was asked to 'unmove' her out of her apartment.

It is sad for me to go through this woman's belongings. Such a vibrant, happy, go-getter kinda chick quickly changes and regresses. My grandmother had dementia and this stirs memories of her.

Alice's personal items were boxed up for a distant relative to handle. Her clothes were sorted for items to be sent to her new home and labelled. The remainder of clothing and household items will be donated.

Please keep a watchful eye on your aging family and friends. Life is a tricky little bugger and so very precious. Take a brief moment to meet with your loved ones and make sure they are doing well. Tell them how you feel and listen to their thoughts.

Yeah they may be driving you up the wall with their rants and raves. Be thankful they know who you are.

Who do you need to listen to?

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I will be in Michigan starting Thursday morning until the morning of the 20th. Cara will also be with me. If you want to get see us, just email me and I'll get you my number.