Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kick Starting Your Home's Energy Flow

We are in the middle of winter here in the USA and perhaps you are getting there's a bit of cabin fever going around in your home. You have been trapped inside your home unable to enjoy the beautiful sunny skies and soft green grass, because ... well, there isn't any, yet.

This is a great time to purge! Your tired and could use some new positive energy flowing through your home. You can apply this task to any drawer, shelf, cabinet, closet or room (if you are truly motivated).

Now there are many different ways to purge. This is my favorite method because you end up with only your favorites.

Angie's Favorite Purge Method (for lack of a better title):
1. Choose your area to purge. Not too big that you cannot complete it.
2. Pull EVERYTHING out of the area. I mean everything comes off the shelves and out of the drawers.
3. Sort the items as you remove them. If there are trashed items, bag them up as you sort. Things that don't belong there, set them to one side (don't leave this area).
4. Clean the area with your favorite method.
5. Look at your pile of stuff and begin pulling out your favorite items.
6. Return your favorite items first to the freshly cleaned area.
7. When this area looks good and adding another items will begin to be cramped, STOP!
8. The items left over need to find a new home. Likely this will be out of your home.
9. Take out the trash to the curb and load up the donations into your car.
10. Smile and enjoy the new energy flowing in your home.

Repeat as necessary for the next area.

Now, it is very likely you will come across items that are not your favorite, do not fit into your newly organized area, BUT it was a gift from your mom/sister/friend/husband/kids. You enjoyed it at one point in your life, though not anymore. Maybe you never truly liked it to begin with.

If it doesn't make into your favorite list, then time has come to part with it. You'll feel better getting it out of your home. I promise.

... And if it helps you, please just say, "Well, Angie said I had to get rid of [blank]." I can take the rap for you.

What did you purge from your home that has time has passed?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Answer: a lot of craft magazines, amongst a lot of other things! Craft magazines were a tough one, but now I'm so glad they're on their way out :)