Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's Not Everyday You Get To Bury A Body

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. One thing I love about my business, is that you never know what the day will bring.

"Bill" calls up and says he needs my help with "a few things." Well, these kinda of calls are great because 'a few things' can mean so much:
... moving into a new home.
... painting a room.
... setting up a Facebook profile.
... bringing chips to a party.
... burying a body (that's a true friend).

When Bill explained he had purchased a few items at IKEA and needed them installed, I was a bit relieved that I was not going to need to bring a shovel for his project.

First went to work assembling a small table and installing an LCD TV mount. Both of these went really quick once the height was decided for the TV. (Yeah, a power tool day!)

Then moved onto installing a couple magnetic boards, notepad strips and long shelves. This took a bit of patience to make sure everything lined up and installed level. Finally assembled a small shelving unit and a couple chairs.

There is going to be a long desk that will go in this corner, though that item was not in-stock at the time of purchase.

Bill's few things were now complete. He was glad to check these items off his honey-do list. I was glad I could help him out and no bodies needed to be buried.

What's the strangest thing you were asked to help with?

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